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Inventory Changes

Goods Receipt

Accepted date time field has been added to the Goods Receipt form and in the GR tax report and normal GR report to show the details of when the GR was accepted.

Templated Stocktakes

Stock on Hand is now set to zero for all items (all Stock Status) that are ranged for a store if a count value is not entered within the stocktake.

A check box has been added in System Setting Inventory tab to enable or disable setting of SOH to 0 for those items not included in stocktake template.


Added a new check box called ‘Transfer by Date Mandatory’ in System Setting Inventory tab. When this option is enabled a date must be entered in the Transfer Date field within Internal Transfers.

Stock Adjustments

While performing a stock adjustment the last entered or amended record adjustment type is now stored and displayed as default for new records to speed up the stock adjustment process.

Purchase Orders

Min and Max length can now be applied to Special instructions field in PO screen. See System Settings Client Specific tab. All characters are exported as a single line code within B2B and there is no longer a 30 character restriction for exporting.

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