MICROS Alerts Engine is based on Tomcat and Java and is a stand-alone browser-based application to

The Alerts Engine application requires a licence to run.


You must have the following applications already installed on your system in order to run the MICROS Alerts Engine:


Tomcat is an open source (free) implementation of the Java Servlet & JSP technologies. It is available from the Apache Software Foundation –

The Alerts Engine was originally developed against version 5.5.28 of Tomcat.

Tomcat requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to be installed – we recommend JRE 1.6.0.

SQL Server

The Alerts Engine uses two sets of database tables – the Alerts Engine-specific data held in tables named AExxx and the reporting database whose data is to be inspected. These database tables may be in the same database or two separate databases – the default implementation is for two databases.

The Alerts Engine requires Microsoft’s SQL Server to be installed. The application has been tested with SQL Server 2005. Earlier versions of SQL server may work, but the SQL script to create the required database tables may need to be adjusted to work correctly.

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