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Alert Result Export Contacts

Each contact requires a name and an address – the address field may actually contain a telephone number or e-mail address. The different types of contact supported are described in the next sections.


When a chart, HTML or XML export has been created, the result is e-mailed to all E-mail type contacts set up for that export.  The e-mail address is taken from the contact’s address field.


When a Custom or Application Alert SMS export is created, the message is sent to any SMS type contacts defined for the export and in this case, the address field should contain the telephone number.

Note: Customer SMS exports do not use the contact definitions.

Retail POS Ticker

If a Retail POS ticker export is defined, 1 or more Retail POS ticker type contact must also be defined. The message is sent to a store and will be displayed on the multicast address configured in the alertsengine.properties file. The address field should be set to the Retail POS Location ID.

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