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Authorising Transactions

In general, the person who created an inventory transaction will be the person who accepts it. However, some sites may want extra security available so that any user can create a transaction but only certain users are authorised to accept the transaction.

To set this up, use the System Security function to tell the system which security groups are authorised to accept inventory transactions. There are two security levels available - 'Authorise Inventory Transactions' and 'Authorise Stocktakes'. Stocktakes has a separate security setting because sometimes it can be done by a separate audit team. If these security details are not entered, any user can accept an inventory transaction.

Now when a user accepts an inventory transaction, the system will popup a logon window to ask for the details of an authorised user. If the details entered are for an authorised user, the transaction will be accepted and the user will be recorded as the Authorised User (visible on the inventory transaction screens). If the details are not for an authorised user, the inventory transaction cannot be accepted.

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