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Back Office Clock In

Allows users without access to the POS (that is without the use of a swipe card or dallas key) to clock in and out from a Back Office PC. Requires new configuration settings in Dynamic.ini under the section [ClockInOut]. User access is based on the location, that is a user can only log in to the module to Clock In / Out if their location (configured on the Basic tab of the User maintenance screen) is linked to the location of the Back Office Clock In Default Till ID (configured in the Dynamic.ini).

Figure: Example Back Office Clock In Module Screen

Clock In

Clocks the user in. Prompts for locations and job types if required as per POS.

Clock Out

Clocks the user off.


Prompts for location if required and displays the clock in / out details for the selected location.


Logs the user off and returns the module to the prompt for User code.

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