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Back Office Clock In

This module allows users without access to the POS (that is without the use of a swipe card or dallas key) to clock in and out from a Back Office PC. It requires configuration settings in Dynamic.ini under the section [ClockInOut]:

DefaultTillID=xx. The till ID that will be used when entering the clock in records into the tables.

TradeCode=xx. The Trade Code for the location.

When run, the user is prompted for their user code, followed by their password. If successful they will be prompted with 4 options:

Clock In

Clocks the user in. Prompts for locations and job types if required as per POS.

Clock Out

Clocks the user off.


Prompts for location if required and displays the clock in / out details for the selected location.


Logs the user off and returns the module to the prompt for User code.

Operators that use the Back Office Clock In / Out functionality to clock in and out will appear in the Time Export Report alongside those operators that use the POS to clock in and out.

There are check boxes in System Settings affecting the behaviour of the clock in records:

System tab:

Prevent Deletion of Completed Clock In Records - If this is checked, the user will not be able to delete completed Clock In records from the Time Review screen.

Calculate Hours Worked By Minutes - If checked, the hours calculation will not take into account the seconds, to provide a more consistent hours calculation.

POS 1 tab:

Don't Automatically Clock Out On Clock In - This is a configurable amendment for when an operator clocks in and has not clocked out for the previous clock in, that record will not be updated with a default clock off time. If unchecked, the system behaves as per current functionality and automatically clocks out users.

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