Back Office Orders

Customer orders are usually done at the POS. However, in a wholesale business, you may need to create orders at the back office. In this case, the POS interface is not really the most efficient way to create the orders. The Back Office Customer Order function allows you to create back office orders. It has a similar interface to other inventory screens which is more suited to the back office staff. You can create the order, add active items, save it, recall it for further modification, and so on. Once the order is ready, the Accept button is pressed and the system will create a POS-equivalent customer order transaction. At this point it will flow through the normal processing and look just like any other POS customer order. When recalling on POS the back office order reference (BO-nnn) is shown. This reference is also printed on the receipt and shown in the Electronic Audit as the reference. The order will be seen on the customer order and delivery reports.

Note: This function is intended to be used for existing customers. You cannot create new customers from within this function.

In addition to creating the order, wholesale customers generally have different pricing to the normal customer. Since each item can have five sell prices, you can reserve one of those for back office orders. As an item is added, the system will use the appropriate sell price. (Which price level to use is determined by a System Setting entry.)

But you can go further and offer special pricing for each customer. The Customer Item Prices function allows you to set these prices.

When the back office order is accepted, the system will create an order with a pickup/delivery location. The system will find the first till for that location and record the transaction against that till. If no till is defined, the default settings in the Loyalty tab in System Settings will be used.

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