Barclays Gift Cards

Barclays gift cards are supported using the Commidea EFT Interface. Support includes:

Gift Card Purchase / Top-up

To allow the purchase and top-up of Gift Cards, it is necessary to create an open price sales item to record the purchase and top-up of gift cards and range the sales item so that it can be used on the POS at the required locations. Add the POS Keyboard activity GCPurchase so that the button shows on POS. Default gift card preset values are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200. These values can be overridden by configuring the POS Key Keyboard State GIFTCARDPRESETS.

If you have enough authority select the function on the POS to purchase / top-up a gift card and enter an amount/select from a list of preset card amounts. Once payment has been received, the gift card is loaded with the entered value on the PED (via the Commidea Ocius application). Two gift card receipts (merchant copy and customer copy) are printed on the receipt printer. Once the gift card has been processed, give / return the gift card to the customer along with the customer copy of the gift card receipt.

It is possible to purchase / top-up multiple gift cards within the same transaction and to add additional sales items within the same transaction.

In System Settings, the IPN of the sales item configured for the purchase and top-up of gift cards must be entered so that the item is identified as a special item.

Gift Card Redemption

To configure the redemption of gift cards, create a tender to represent payment with a gift card ensuring the Gift Card Type is selected. To enable the default payment amount for the gift card tenders to be the outstanding balance, the flag ‘Can the customer give you more than the value of the sale? If you answer No, the customer can only tender the exact amount.’ on the DynaPOS Options tab needs to be unchecked.

Select the Payment button and select the configured gift card payment tender and enter the payment amount. A prompt is given (via the Commidea Ocius application) to swipe a gift card to redeem the value against the card. For a normal sale, the gift card balance is reduced.

It is also possible to return/refund sales items paid for using a gift card, and return/refund the balance of the sales items to an existing gift card or to top-up a new gift card with the refund amount.

Likewise for exchanges, if the customer is owed money, the POS invokes the process in the Ocius software to refund a value to a gift card. The gift card can also be used to redeem the outstanding value if the customer owes money.

Balance Enquiry

Functionality is provided within the POS Application to determine the outstanding balance on a customer’s gift card. Add the POS Keyboard activity GCBalEnq so that the action shows on POS.

If you have enough authority select the function on the POS to perform a balance enquiry and then swipe the gift card on the PED, and print off a receipt containing the remaining balance on the card. Once printed give the gift card balance enquiry receipt to the customer.

Security Settings

There are two functions in the Function list on the Tills Profile-Security tab to apply security settings to the gift card functions.

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