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Budgets And Forecasts

The system provides support for specifying budgets, forecasts and target entries within the trading statistics function. These values are all stored in the BUDGET database table with a different value for INTTYPE to distinguish them (1 = budget; 2 = forecast; 3 = target).

In Trading Statistics, the only required parameters are the location for which the report is to be run and the period or date range for the report (default is the period for the current week).

The left hand column is where you select the method by which the reported stats are to be grouped and the default value is by Dept/Cat/Group. This is particularly important when using budgets or forecasts as no results will be generated if there is a mismatch between the level detail set within budgets or forecasts and the Grouped By setting in Trad Stats.

The Compare To tab is where you can specify another location, a different date or period range or a set of predefined budget or forecast figures to include in the report for comparison. Values are only obtained on the report if the period indicator matches, that is, if you set you up your budget by trading period you must run your comparison reports by the same trading periods. For example, if you have specified your budgets by weekly periods (the Nth week of financial year 2010), these values will be saved with period indicator of 2010.1, 2010.2 ... 2010.52 and so on. If you run your trad stats report using say the dates 15 - 21 August 2010 these will be looking for period indicators 100815, 100816, ... 100821, and will thus NOT match to any value 2010.xx; even though the dates for a financial year overlap with your financial weekly periods. In summary, the date range 15-21 August 2010 is not the same as the weekly period of week 15-21 August 2010 and results in no budget figures in the report.

The Budget Entry window lets you set up details for your budget based on different criteria. You can do this explicitly in the function or import the data from a file.

Note: The most likely reason for the budget entries not showing up on the report is that budget figures have been entered at one level but the report is running at another, incompatible level.

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