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Bulk Item Changes - Sell Price Changes

This tab allows you to change sell prices for a set of items.

Figure: Example Bulk Item Changes Screen

This function will look for existing Normal sell records and create new records from them. Only those that are currently checked on are copied. At the top of the screen you can specify a Location. If you leave this empty, all active Normal sell records will be copied. If you specify a location, only the sell record for that location will be copied.

You need to enter an Effective date. This is the date of the new sell records.

Each sell record for an item can have up to five sell prices. You can choose to change one or more of the sell prices at a time. If you choose to only change certain ones, the other sell prices will stay at the current value. Simply check on which sell prices you want to change. For each sell price, you can specify the Change Type. This indicates whether you want to change the price by a specific value or by a percentage. You can then specify the Change Value which is the amount you want to change the sell price. So to increase the price by $2, you would check on Value for the Change Type and enter 2 for the Change Value. If you wanted to decrease the sell price by 10%, you would check on Percentage for the Change Type and enter -10 for the Change Value.

When the system creates the new sell price, it may not change the sell price by exactly the value you specify. It will apply the change you requested and then it will apply the usual rounding rules, for example to make sure the price ends in .99. See Sell Price Rules for details.

When you have entered all the change details, press the OK button. This will go through each item on the Items tab and make the required changes.

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