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Bulk Item Changes - Supplier Changes

This tab allows you to change supplier details for the selected items.

Figure: Example Bulk Item Changes Screen

An item may come from more than one supplier. You may only want to make the changes to certain suppliers. The details on the left of the page allow you to choose the supplier, manufacturer and agent that you want to change. Only items on the Items tab that have the matching details will be changed. You might have fifty items in the list but only one of them comes from the supplier you specify. In that case, only one item will be changed. If you don't specify any matching details, all supplier records on the item will be changed.

Next, you can go through and check on the check box for each detail you want to change. If you check on an option and don't enter a value, this will clear the value.

When you have entered all the change details, press the OK button. This will go through each item on the Items tab and make the required changes.

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