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Buying Review

The Buying Review function allows the set up and review of pending cost and sell price changes. Additionally, it can be used with or without a Supplier import file. This supplier file can be imported which contains new cost and recommended sell prices so that many prices can be updated together, but it is not required to use the functionality.

In System Settings, there is a section on the System 2 tab to allow the configuration of the ‘sells’ to be used when applying price changes.

First, a new Buying Review should be created. The description and review date will be filled in automatically but can be changed if required. An optional supplier code can be entered here. If a supplier code is entered here then the items selected later will only be for the chosen supplier. Pressing the ‘Items’ button will show a selection screen allowing the selection of items in the Buying Review. This is a standard search type screen and can be filtered on many item options. Currently only ranged items are brought into the buying review. Once ‘Add Items’ is clicked, the items will be added to the Buying Review and new cost and sell prices can be entered. When a new cost is entered, the system will automatically put a new sell amount in the ‘New Sell’ field based on the New Sell Calculation Method configured in System Settings/System 2 tab, using the current margin % for the item.

Alternatively use the Import button from the Buying Review screen to import the new values. Each field (Order Code, Barcode, Cost exTax and optional Supplier RRP) in the Supplier file should be separated by a comma (CSV format). If any of the items in the supplier file cannot be imported (for example, the item does not exist in the Buying Review) a report is generated at the end, and the items shown.

Notes on Cost Entry:

When all costs and sells prices are entered, press the Accept button. The new costs and sells are saved into the database and are ranged whenever ranging is performed. The affected items are updated once the overnight RANGE process has completed. After the Buying Review has been applied, no further changes can be made to the items cost and sells. A printed report is available from the Buying Review screen showing the details of the old and new costs and sells. The report can also  be printed before any prices have been entered.

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