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Category Maintenance

Items can be grouped into a four level hierarchical structure - Dept/Category/Group/SubGroup. This is used to search for items and to group them for reporting and statistical purposes. For example, you can ask the system for all items within a department. You can then be a little more specific and ask for all items within a category within the department. You can continue doing this down to a subgroup level.

Figure: Example Hierarchical Structure

The Category Maintenance form is used to maintain these department, category, group and subgroup combinations. The system requires that each unique department, category, group and subgroup be defined as a unique code. The valid combinations of departments, categories and groups are then defined using these codes.

As well as defining valid department, category, group and subgroup combinations, you can also use Category Maintenance to maintain additional information about existing combinations. For example, if you are sending information to third party venue systems, you can enter cross-reference codes to translate your department, category and group combinations to those supported by the venue system. If you are using Suggested Ordering you can enter default stock levels for calculating minimum and maximum stock quantities.

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