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Category Maintenance Tree

Figure: Example Category Maintenance Screen

There are a number of special symbols used to indicate different points of interest.

This symbol simply denotes a valid code. It can be replace by other symbols below if there is a problem.

This shows where a code is used. If you click on a code in the department, category or group grids, on the right-hand side, the system will display this symbol on the combination tree, on the left-hand side, to show which combinations the code is used in. If the code you clicked on is used in a number of combinations you will see multiple symbols.

Depending on the type of code you clicked on, this symbol will be displayed at each level. For example, if you clicked on a group code, the system will display the symbol next to each department the group code is used in. If each of those departments was expanded to show their categories, the symbol would appear next to each category the group code is used in. If each category was expanded, the groups within the category would be displayed and the group code we originally clicked on would be seen with this symbol next to it.

The symbol also appears directly underneath the combination tree. Next to the symbol is a description of the department/category/group combination currently highlighted.

This is an error symbol and indicates that a code being used in a combination does not have a code in the associated grids. If you use this program all the time, this cannot happen. However, if data has been transferred from a third-party system, such errors may occur. If you do see the symbol you need to either delete the combination or create the code in the grids on the right-hand side.

This symbol indicates that a combination is not complete. A valid combination must have a department, category, group and subgroup code. If you drop a department or category on to the tree to create a new combination, this symbol will be displayed immediately, because it is incomplete. As soon as you drop the remaining category, group and subgroup codes, you will have a valid combination and the symbol will disappear.

Note: Incomplete combinations are never saved. If you exit the program all incomplete combinations are discarded.

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