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Claiming Rebates

Rebates are based on the invoice details which you have entered using Invoice Matching. You must have your invoices up to date and recorded accurately in order for the claims to work.

Use the Rebate Claims task to generate a report which shows the various items and the rebates you are claiming. This is produced for each supplier. When you have finished, check the claims are accurate. If you have missed an invoice or a rebate, go back and enter the required information then redo the Rebate Claims. Repeat this until you are happy with the claims.

Once you are satisfied, use the Accept Rebates task to tell the system you have finished. You will not be able to reclaim on these invoices in future.

The claim amounts are sent to the supplier's rebate accounts which can be seen by clicking the Accounts button in Suppliers. When you receive a payment from the supplier, you enter this just like you would any other account payment. You can use the standard account features to track late payments and produce statements.

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