Colour/Size/Fit Matrix

A colour/size/fit matrix is a term used in the fashion industry. It refers to the fact that an item is generally available in a variety of colours, sizes and fits. You need an easy way to set up these items and an easy way to view sales and stock information by colour, size and fit. This is handled in the system through the use of family groups. In general retail, a family group is a set of items which are basically the same and sell for the same price. A range of wines or a range of sodas would be examples of family groups. So in fashion, a shirt which is simply available in different colours, sizes and fits is also a family group as all the shirts will sell for the same price.

In the system an item description consists of a brand, a commodity, a variety, a size and a fit. In fashion the variety is used as colour. For example, Brand=NIKE, Commodity=PANTS, Variety=BLACK, Size =S Fit=Regular. You can define variety sets, size sets and fit sets in the system (see Variety/Size Sets). A variety set might be a range of colours available from a supplier, for example BLACK, BROWN and TAN. A size set might be men's pants sizes, for example 28, 30, 32, 34, 36. A fit set might be men's trouser lengths, for example Short, Regular, Long. These sets can be used to quickly create an item such as a pair of trousers in different colours, sizes and fits. You can predefine the more common sets and then define additional ones as required. When you create a new set of items, you give the system the Colour, Size and Fit sets to use and it will create items for each combination. You don't have to specify a set if its not required, for example not all items will require a Fit set. In that case the items will be created with an empty Fit description.

As you create a new group of family items, the system can automatically create a family group code to group the items together. You can then enter costs and sells against one item and have these automatically copy to other items within the same group. This saves extensive re-keying of information.

If the Fashion Items in System Settings is checked on, purchase orders will allow you to enter a family group instead of just a single item. The system will then show a grid of variety vs size/fit to allow easy entry of the item quantities.

The Family Statistics function will allow you to see sales and stock statistics for the family group. Statistics are available in various combinations of location, period, variety, size and fit.

When you create a new item you give it a Brand Name, Description, Variety and Size. Sometimes items are similar. They have the same Brand Name and Description but slightly different varieties and sizes. This is common in fashion where you the Variety might be a set of colours, for example red, yellow and orange, and the Size is a set of shirt sizes, for example S, M, L, XL.

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