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Consolidated Picking

When a store makes a Transfer Request, it generates a matching Transfer Send transaction at the location which needs to send the stock. If the sending location is a warehouse, they may get lots of Transfer Send transactions every day. Rather than picking one Transfer Send at a time, it may be more efficient to get a group of Transfer Send transactions and consolidate them. When you print a picking slip out, you get an item printed once, with the quantity required for each location. This makes for much more efficient picking. The Consolidated Picking transaction lets you do this.

You create a new transaction in the Consolidated Picking function. You can then add multiple Transfer Send transactions. Each item of the Transfer Send transactions will be added to the Consolidated Picking transaction. You then work this transaction. You can print a Picking Slip report for it which will group the same items together. When the items are picked, you update the quantities on the Consolidated Picking transaction, just like you would on the Transfer Send transaction. When the transaction is updated you can press the Accept button. This will go through and update the quantities on each of the original Transfer Send transactions, just as if you had recalled each Transfer Send transaction and updated it yourself. When the transactions have been updated, the system will show you a review screen. This will show you a list of all the adjust Transfer Send transactions. Using this screen you print the Transfer Send reports for each of those transactions. This saves you having to print each Transfer Send transaction individually. Similarly, you can press the Accept button to accept all the Transfer Send transactions. This will mark each Transfer Send as accepted, update the costs, allocate stock, update the original Transfer Request, and so on. Note, the Accept button on the main Consolidated Picking slip, simply accepts the quantities you have entered and updates the Transfer Send quantities. It does not accept the Transfer Send transactions themselves.

If any of the Transfer Send transactions have a status of ‘Picking’ in the Review Orders/Transfers window and you try to close the window, an error message stating “Form cannot be closed: one or more transfer sends are in ‘In Picking’ status. Send all the transfer sends before closing this form” is shown. You will not be able to close the window until all the Transfer sends are sent.

You will not able to modify the individual Transfer Send requests with a status of In Picking. Individual Transfer Sends can only be viewed and sent but cannot be changed.

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