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Customer - Accounts

This tab shows the accounts belonging to the customer. See Accounts for further details.

You can see the details for an account by highlighting it and pressing the button. You can add a new account by pressing the button. This will display a window asking for the account type, the payment terms and the credit limit.

Figure: Example Customer Screen

Account Type

This is the type of account, for example Member Credit Account. A customer can have several accounts, one of each type.


The Account Location that the account is for.

Location Name

The name of the Account Location.


The current balance on the account.

Credit Limit

The limit, if any, on the account.


The payment terms for this account.


Not currently used.


Indicates if the account has been disabled. If it is disabled, the customer can not make account sales to this account.

G/L Account

This is used when exporting customer account transactions to a third party accounts system. Usually when the account is exported, the customer number or name is used as the account code. However, if an accounts system is already set up with account numbers defined, those account numbers can be recorded in this field. When the data is exported, it will use this as the account code.

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