Customer Flow

This form allows you to monitor the number of customers and sales at a location during specific time periods. A customer is any completed sale (not including cancelled sales and no sales).

Figure: Example Customer Flow Screen

You must enter the location to be examined as well as the date and the time range. If the To Time you entered is less than the From Time the system assumes you want to look at the customer flow over two days. For example, if you specify the From and To as 08:00 PM to 03:00 AM, the system looks at 8:00pm to midnight of the date you entered, and midnight to 3:00am of the next day. This is useful when trying to get customer flows for a nightclub. The customer information can be displayed in hour or quarter-hour increments.

Once the details have been entered, press the Show Details button. By default the system displays the customer counts in a graph. However, there are three buttons at the bottom of the form which can be pressed to show different views.

Graph #

Shows a graph of the number of customers.

Graph $

Shows a graph of the value of the sales.


Shows a tabular chart with both the count of customers and value of sales.

The details can be printed by pressing the Print Details button. The system prints both graphs and the tabular chart on a single page.

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