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Account Types

This is a code maintenance task used to define types of accounts used in the system. By default the system supports six account types that fall into three categories:

Figure: Example Account Types Screen

GIFTAC - Gift Card Accounts

MEMCR - Member Credit Accounts (customers owe you money for items they have purchased - for a customer like a credit card, buy now pay later).

MEMDR - Member Debit Accounts (customers have paid you money in advance for items they will purchase -for a customer like a bank account, pay in and spend later).

MEMPTS - Member Loyalty Account to allow the allocation of loyalty points to a customer account.

SUPPCR - Supplier Credit Accounts (you owe the supplier for items purchased from them).

SUPPDR - Rebate And Claim Accounts (the supplier owes you for rebates).

You cannot remove these account types but you can change their details. However, members can have more than one type of account and you can define additional ones if you require. All new customer account types must be prefixed with "MEM".

The following details are required for each adjustment.


A unique code used to identify the account type, for example MEMUA. The code can be up to five characters in length, Avoid spaces and punctuation symbols. If you are setting up the ledger to be used by members, the code must start with MEM.


A description about the account type, for example MEMBER USER ADVANCES.

POS Description

A short description about the account type which will be used on buttons on DynaPOS, for example USER ADV.

Default Payment Term Code

When a new account of this type is set up, the account's payment term will default to this code. This must be a valid Payment Term. New Payment terms can be added by selecting the Payment Terms menu option. This is not required.

Show Balance At POS

When a member is used on a DynaPOS transaction, the system will display the amount available to spend for each account to the POS operator. However, you might have some accounts which you don't want the POS operator to see the balance for. You can use this flag to indicate these accounts. The POS will not display the available balance for these accounts.

Print Balance On Receipt

If the A/c Balance On Receipt option in Till is checked on, DynaPOS will attempt to print the customer's current account balances on the receipt. It checks this flag on each available account type for the customer. If this option is checked on, the balance will be printed. If this option is checked off, the balance will not be printed. The balance will be the balance after the current transaction has been processed.

Note: Account balances will only be accurate if all transactions are processed.

Give Change On Payment

If the account is overpaid do you want to simply put the whole payment amount to the account (default option) or do you want to give the overpaid amount as change to the customer?

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