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Account Adjustment Codes

This function allows you to define reasons for doing an adjustment to an account.

Figure: Example Account Adjustment Screen


A code identifying the reason for the adjustment.


The description of the adjustment code.


If checked on, you will have to allocate this adjustment against existing transactions in the account. You will not be able to save the adjustment until it has been fully allocated against.

If checked off, the adjustment will simply adjust the balance of the account. You will be able to allocate future payments against this adjustment.

Debit A/c

Used to indicate if the adjustment will debit or credit the account.

Tax Code

This is only used if Allocate is checked off. This is the tax code used to calculate the amount of tax to take out of the adjustment. If you leave this empty, no tax will be calculated. If Allocate is checked on, the system will calculate the amount of tax by examining the transactions to which the adjustment has been allocated.

Adjust To Date Value

This option is only visible for the Member Points adjustment codes. If this option is checked on, the To Date Value stored on the account will be updated. The To Date value is the value of sales and adjustments made to date.

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