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Currency Code

This function allows you to define specific currency codes.

Figure: Example Currency Code Screen

Currency Code

A unique code for the currency. There are already international codes used for the world currencies. You should use these as your codes, for example, GBP

Currency Name

Name of currency, for example, Sterling.

Print Exchange Rate On POS Receipt

If this option is checked on (default) the exchange rate will be printed next to the currency code when using foreign currencies on a transaction, for example, $50 USD @.7454. If the option is checked off it will print as: $50 USD.

# Coin Suggestions

When the user selects a currency for payment, DynaPOS will attempt to suggest a number of possible tender amounts. Some of these are based on simply changing the coins part of the amount owed, for example $15.10, $15.20, $15.50. Some are based on changing the notes part of the amount owed, for example, $15.10, $20.10, $50.10. This option is the number of coin-based suggestions that DynaPOS should display.

# Note Suggestions

This is the number of note-based suggestions that DynaPOS should display. See # Coin Suggestions for further details.


This grid displays a list of the physical notes and coins that are available for this tender. DynaPOS will use this information to build up the coin and note suggestions for the currency.


Indicates if this record is for a note or a coin.


The value of the note or coin.

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