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Customer Categories

This function allows you to define the category codes used by customers. A customer can have up to five different types of categories. The first one is reserved for the Customer Type but the others can be used as required.

Figure: Example Customer Category Screen

Figure: Example Customer Category Screen


A customer can be assigned to five different categories. This is a number between 1 and 5 to restrict the use of this code to one of the five customer categories. A value of 1 is reserved for the customer type.


An unique code to identify the category.


A description about the category.

Price Level

This is a number from 1 to 5 representing the price level that a customer will be charged for their sale. If left empty, the customer will be charged the current price level.

Print A4 Invoice

Allows an A4 invoice to be printed, rather than a receipt.

Print Signature

Used for the Customer Type category codes. If this is true, the system will ask for a signature at the bottom of the receipt for the customer to sign.

Print Sales Tax

Indicates if the sales tax info is printed on the receipt.

Required Points

Used for the Customer Type category codes. When a customer of this type reaches this number of points they are entitled to be upgraded to the customer type specified in Next Category. This is a simple approach to upgrades. For more flexibility, see Upgrading/Downgrading Members.

Next Category

This is the customer type code that the customer will change to when they have earned enough points (the Required Points column).

Calculate Points

If this is checked on, the system will calculate points for a customer belonging to this customer type.

Statement Message

This message will be printed on the customer loyalty statements.

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