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MPOS Discounts - Basic

The Basic tab allows you to set up basic details about the discount such as the type of discount and the name, priority, and so on.

Figure: Example MPOS Discounts Screen

Discount Type

The type of discount. This will control how the discount is used.

Manual Item Discount

Given manually to one selected item.

Manual Transaction Discount

Given manually to a group of items or the whole transaction.

Auto Transaction Discount

Applies to all items in a transaction and is automatically given.


This type of discount is automatically given to a group of items.


A description about the discount.


The priority of the discount/offer. The system uses this to determine the order to process discount/offers. If an item can participate in two different discounts, the system chooses the one with the lowest priority number. Priority 1 is the most important priority, with priority 2 being the next important and so on.

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