BE Licences

This function will allow you to set up your BE licence keys.

Note: The licence number request page is via the website.

Figure: Example BE Licences Screen

Computer Code

This code is associated with the computer on which you want to run the Incoming Transaction Handler Service. When you start Incoming Transactions Handler Service without a licence, you will get an error message displayed in the operating systems Events Viewer. The error message will show this number.


Licence Type - POS, Store, Enterprise, POS Multi-media Displays, POSLog Converter, KVS Devices, Torex Mobile POS, Alert Engine, EFTLink Devices, Weigh Scales, Givex Loyalty Card, Cloud Deals Engine, Single-use Vouchers and Web Location.

# of POS

The number of POS for which you want to be licensed.

# of Stores

Number of stores required.


End date.


The licence key that will unlock the Computer Code and #Licences to allow Incoming Transactions Handler Service to start correctly.


A general description about the licence. For example, you can use this to record a description of the computer on which this licence is used.

BE Licences Concepts

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