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POS Messaging

Figure: Example POS Messages Screen

Message Type

This controls when the message will be displayed.

Start Of Transaction

This message will be displayed at the start of each transaction.

End Of Transaction

This message will be displayed when the user presses the Payment button at the end of a transaction.

Ask Question

If the Message Type was 'End Of Transaction', you can have the message displayed as a Yes/No question. If the user answers Yes, the user will be returned to transaction mode so they can alter the transaction. If they answer No, the user will continue to payment mode.


The location where this message can be seen. This can be a location group.

Effective Date

The date from which the message can be displayed.

Valid Days

The number of days for which the message is valid.

Security Group

Only users in this security group will be allowed to see the message. If this left empty, any user will be able to see the security group.


This is the message that will be displayed to the user.

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