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NCR Promotion Types

The Promotion Type Management process defines the promotion types that are available when creating Promotions when using NCR POS.

Figure: Example Promotion Type Management Screen

Promotion Type Description

Description of the promotion type.


Indicates the order in which the promotion type appears in the drop down

MPO Type


Item Based Package Price


Item Based Amount Off


Item Based % Off


Threshold Based Fixed Price


Threshold Based Amount Off


Threshold Based % Off

Promotion Type Example Text

The text which that appears in the Details tab in Promotions, for example buy any main and get a side dish free.


Variable Reward

The reward can be entered in Promotions.

Fixed Reward

The reward cannot be entered in Promotions.


Defines the % reward.

If MPO3 then no decimal places allowed.

If MPO6 then 2 decimal places allowed.

Set Price

Defines set price, 2 decimal places allowed.

Effective Price

Defines effective price, 2 decimal places allowed.

Discount Amount

Defines discount amount, 2 decimal places allowed.

Promotion Sets

Defines whether promotion sets can be added/removed.

Variable Number

Indicates if Qualify Type and Buy/Get can be amended.

Fixed Number

If selected, at least one promotion set must be defined.

Set ID

Unique code within a promotion type identifying promotion set.

Qualify Type

Value or quantity. Value will only be available if MPO type is 4,5 or 6.

Change Qualify Type

Defines whether the Qualify Type in Promotions can be changed.


Can only be changed if MPO type is 2,3,4,5 or 6.

Change Buy/Get

Defines whether the Buy/Get in Promotions can be changed.

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