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Next Sequence Number Set

This can be used to set different sequence numbers for transactions on POS. Lets say you want the PrintBill and No Sale transactions to use a different number sequence to the normal transactions.

You would set up a Next Sequence Number Set. You would create a new record and give it a code, for example PB. Then in the memo field you would give it a list of types, one type per line. These types are the ones used in DAILYSALES to identify the transaction type, for example SALE, RETURN, PRINTBILL, NOSALE, TILL ADJ. It is important you only add one type per line. POS will then use a different sequence number for this transaction.

If a type is not in a set, then POS will use the existing sequence number. So you only need to create sets for the exceptions.

Figure: Example Next Sequence Number Sets Screen


A code assigned by the user to identify the record such as SALE, RETURN, PRINTBILL, NOSALE, TILL ADJ.


Transaction type such as Return, NoSale. This is a memo field. Each transaction type will be on a new line.

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