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Order Frequencies

This function allows you to define the order frequency codes. The number of lead days can be entered for each frequency code. This is used as part of the calculation for suggested stock levels.

The Order Frequency is used only as part of the Suggested Ordering. It is not used when you do a normal purchase order, where you can order an item on any day of the week.

The Order Frequency is recorded against the location's range record when the end of day processing is done. Simply changing the details on the supplier screen will not change the order frequency immediately.

Figure: Example Order Frequencies Screen


A unique code to identify the Order Frequency.


A description of this Order Frequency.

Sunday - Saturday

For each day of the week that the supplier will accept orders, you need to enter the lead days for the item to arrive once ordered. for example If Monday was set to 2 and Friday was 3, this would mean you can place an order on Monday and it will take two days to arrive. You can also place an order on Friday but it will take three days to arrive. If you cannot place an order on a specific day, that day should be left empty (not 0).

Delivery Days

This is the number of days it could take from the delivery to arrive. The lead days above is the first day you would expect the item to arrive. If you set this to 1, it means the goods will arrive on that day. If you set it to 2, the item could arrive over a two day period. If you leave this as 0, it indicates that an open-ended delivery.

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