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POS Currency Rates

This function allows head office to override the exchange rate at location or location group level. The exchange rates apply to the Point of Sale (POS) only and its related reports (Tender Report and Sales Export).

Note: Accounting rate can only configured in the Currency Rates and is not available in POS Currency Rate maintenance.

Figure: Example POS Currency Rates Screen

The tree on the left shows the configured location hierarchy. When you click on a tree node, the currency rate information is shown on the right hand side of the screen for the selected node.

Stores or Location Groups that have at least one rate configured are shown in bold. Currency codes that have rates configured are also shown in bold.

Note: The ALL location will not be shown. Standard currency maintenance can be used to configure rates at the ALL location.

New, Edit and Delete buttons are disabled if the top level ‘POS Currencies’ node is highlighted.

The details required for a new exchange rate are:

Convert To

The currency you want to convert to.

Effective Date

The date the exchange rate will become effective.

Exchange Rate

The rate required to convert the main currency code to the Convert To currency code. This is the rate that will be used at POS when accepting foreign currencies, for example 1DKK = 1.0456 NOK.

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