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Kitchen Printers

Figure: Example Kitchen Printers Screen


Till code.


The priority, or order, on the receipt. The items with the lowest priority number prints on the receipt first. This means that you can print entree meals first and mains second.


The set of items which this definition applies to. You can specify as much information as you require. In the above example, the definition applies to all items in the FOOD department. However, you could define one rule for entrees and another for mains by specifying the appropriate category.

Kitchen Code

Each item can be assigned a kitchen printer code for example Entree, Main, Dessert. This allows complete flexibility when defining the kitchen printers that items should be sent to. Dept/Cat/Groups are still used, so the full selection criteria is Dept/Cat/Groups and Kitchen Printer code. If you leave the Dept/Cat/Groups empty then only the Kitchen Printer code will be used for selection.


The kitchen printer that the items in this rule is sent to. Must be a validated printed.

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