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Preprint Taxes

Note: Till Country code must be set to Taiwan.

In order to print the Preprint ID on the receipts:

Set up a range of valid tax IDs below and set up Tills - Profile - Printing options for the Fixed Line Receipts panel for the lines per page; pages per roll and so on. Lines per page must be large enough for all the receipt header and footer lines and some item lines. The receipt header / footer needs to include the keyword.

Set all this up and reload the till - the preprint ID is updated as expected - shown in top right corner and incremented in the INI file.

Figure: Example Preprint Tax Numbers Screen

Till Code

Till ID.

From Tax Number

Tax number in the pattern AAnnnnnnnn where A = alpha and n = numeric.

To Tax Number

Tax Number - prefix must be same as From Tax Number.


Start date tax number is valid.


End date for tax number validity.


Order of importance.

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