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Process Jobs

The schedule processor Process Jobs is used to perform a number of predefined tasks without requiring user intervention. These tasks are usually run on a regular basis and include checking for expired costs, starting promotions or running reports. You would normally set up multiple tasks to be performed in a single session, such as at the end of the day. The tasks which are to be performed are set up using the Scheduled Jobs function.

Figure: Example Process Jobs Screen

When the Process Jobs form opens you select a session. This will default to the afternoon session for the current day. There are three tabs of sessions (Morning, Afternoon and Miscellaneous) with seven sessions in each tab. To run a particular session, select the tab and then the session within the tab. and press the Start button.

As each task is processed a green tick will appear in front of it. Details about the task are also placed in the audit file. You should always check the audit file to ensure the success of tasks. This can be done by clicking on the View Audit button. See View Audit for more information.

If you don’t want a task to be run in a particular session, simply click on the task and a red cross will appear. This will stop the task for this session run. If you want the task to be removed permanently, use Scheduled Jobs to remove it from the schedule.

The Process Date, which defaults to today’s date, is used by the system as a starting point. If a process has a parameter of TODAY+1, the system uses the Process Date as TODAY and is thus able to calculate the required date. You should rarely, if ever, change this date.

Press the Start button to begin the Process Jobs function. Any errors recorded are shown in the grid below the jobs scheduled with entries shown in descending date order with the most recent first.

Command Line Parameters

A specific session in the Schedule Processor can be run from the command line. The first command line argument specifies the session to be processed. It can be AM1, AM2 …AM7 for morning sessions, PM1, PM2…PM7 for afternoon sessions or MISC1, MISC2…MISC7 for miscellaneous sessions.


DATAENTRYBASIC.EXE PROCESSJOB AM2             (This will process the second morning session.)

This option allows the Scheduler Processor itself to be scheduled to run at a certain time through the use of the operating system AT command.

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