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User Definable Reports

Certain pre-existing reports that were originally created by MICROS can be modified to allow reports to be customised without the need for scheduled development. The reports are:

The report designer only allows you to design reports around the data published by the BE application. Any new columns or data would still have to be added by the MICROS development team. Complex formulations cannot be created. By using custom text fields on a design, the application will not automatically translate the provided text (language features). This initial release will be locked down to a specific set of applications such as Loyalty. Design friendly reports have a new design button to the right of the printing options.

There's also been an update to DRSScheme.INI - for updates or add the following line to the [Standard] section of the INI file:


To create template data and report for the Loyalty Members Export application for example.

1) Open the Export Members application (MerchantInterfaceProcess.Exe ExportMembers).

2) Select a Location, enter an Export File Filename and chose filters. For the first use it is recommended that a small selection criterion is used as this resultant set will be the template information.

3) Select the Print button.

4) Initially no pre-defined reports exist. Select the Design button to launch DataEntryBasic ReportDesign (Export Members).

5) Click on the ‘New’ button to call up the initial design process.  

6) Enter a unique design code (for the report) along with a description. Once done, press the Design button. The ReportBuilder opens with sample data. The data source and fields can be accessed by the Report/Data menu, or View/ToolBars/Data Tree op-tion/menu.

Drag the fields and drop in the appropriate section of the report grid (Header, Detail, Footer).

Use the Preview tab to view the report.

7) Once the design has been finished, close the window using the menu’s close option or, close icon (X).

8) Click the Save buttons to return to the Report Layout Designs (ExportMembers). Close this window.

9) On the Export Members screen click the Print button. The Select Report should now show the new report. Use the Print button to produce a report.

Note: After you have created the initial template data, this data will not get updated again unless you click on the ‘Update Template’ option.

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