This function allows you to define the questions and answers for a survey.

Figure: Example Surveys Screen


The description of the survey.


This grid lists the five questions that can be asked.


The number of the question within the survey. This cannot be changed.


The text that will be displayed to the operator. If no text is entered, a question will not be displayed.

Type Of Answer

Indicates how the answer will be entered.


Free-format text.


The answers will be selected from a combo box.


The answer will be selected from a series of radio buttons. Each answer will be displayed as one button.

Length of Text Answer

If the Type Of Answer is Text, this option is the maximum length which can be entered. So if you only want a maximum of 10 characters, you would enter 10.


This grid shows the valid answers for a specific question. As you scroll through the questions, the grid will be updated to show the answers for that question. If the question's Type of Answer is Text, the grid will not be displayed. You can add as many answers as you want. However, if the Type Of Answer is Button, you should only have a few answers as they will be squashed on the screen. The Combo is a better choice when you have more than approximately five answers.

Answer Text

The text that will be displayed in the combo box or buttons as a possible answer to the question.

Answer Sequence

The position this answer will be displayed within the list of possible answers.

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