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Tare Weights

This is part of the Tare Weight functionality and is applicable to weighed scale items.

Tare weights of the type WEIGHT need to be grouped together using the tare weight group maintenance module, before being applied to an item.

PERCENTAGE Tare Weights are deducted after any WEIGHT Tare Weight deductions.


The following WEIGHT type Tare Weights and values can be defined:

SMALL           1.000

MEDIUM          1.500

LARGE            2.000

The following PERCENTAGE type Tare Weight and value can be defined:

WRAPPER      1.250

Given that an item is scanned, the operator selects the MEDIUM tare weight, and the item is then weighed as 10.000 KG. The value of 1.50 will be deducted from the weighed value and then 1.250 % of the weight will be calculated and deducted giving us our actual weight that is used to calculate the price of the item.

10.000 – 1.500 = 8.500

8.5000 – (8.500 / 100 * 1.250) = 8.39375 KG

Note: The resulting value is subject to the standard rounding rules that are applied to weighted items.


The Tare Weight code.


The Tare Weight description.


The Tare Weight type using the following values: WEIGHT or PERCENTAGE.


The value of the Tare Weight (used in conjunction with Tare Weight type to represent either a weight or a percentage). The displayed Tare Weight values are formatted to suit the decimal accuracy of the scales, and only Tare Weights that are divisible by the minimum scale division will be available to be selected (displayed). The setting to control the scale decimal accuracy and scale division have been added to Profile - Settings 3 tab in Tills.

Warning: Tare Weight values MUST match scale division accuracy' to warn the system administrator to ensure the values are consistent.

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