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Used to indicate the sales tax to be paid for an item.

Figure: Example Taxes Screen

Tax Code

Unique tax code.


Name of tax rate.

Tax Rate

Rate of tax.

Flat Rate Tax

Tax added to the total selling price of an item regardless of the size or price of the item for example customers are charged an extra 5c on all bottles of water sold.

Note: Because of the way the US taxes are calculated, it is not possible to show the accurate flat rate tax until the end of the transaction. The total for the flat rate tax will be 0 until the cashier hits the PAYMENT key and then it will be calculated and included in the transaction total. If the EXIT button is pressed to return to the item entry, the taxes are removed and then re-added when the cashier hits PAYMENT again.


When ticked on 10 = $10.00

When ticked off 10 =10%

Tax Plans

Tax plans are only required when using US taxes. Rather than calculate taxes by a tax rate and then rounding it, the tax is set up in 'bands'. Values with one band will have a specific tax value. Values in the next band will have another tax value. See Tax Plans for details on how these details are actually used.

From Range

The first value of the tax band.

To Range

The second value of the tax band.

Tax On Range

The total tax payable for this band.

Cumulative Tax

The total tax payable for all bands, up to and including this one.


Indicates the band will be repeated in the tax calculations.

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