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Colour/Variety/Size Set

When you create a new item you give it a Brand Name, Description, Variety, Size and Fit. Sometimes items are similar. They have the same Brand Name and Description but slightly different varieties, sizes and fits. This is common in fashion where you the Variety might be a set of colours, for example red, yellow and orange, the Size is a set of trouser sizes, for example 28,30,32,34,36 and the Fit is the trouser length, for example Short, Regular, Long.

Figure: Example Variety/Size Set Screen

To help quickly set up the items you can create Variety, Size and Fit sets. These sets contain all the valid varieties, sizes and fits for the set. When you create a new item, you can then tell the system to create items for Variety Set A, Size Set B and Fit Set C. This will result in one item for each combination of variety, size and fit.

Set Details

This grid lists each of the specific details within the grid. If a Variety set has five colours you would add five records to this grid, one for each colour. Similarly, if this is a Size set, you would add one record for each possible size.

Colour/Size Matrix


Description about the set.


Indicates the type of set being created. This can be Variety/Colour, Size or Fit.

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