Vouchers can be given as a reward for a discount, for example get a free cup of coffee on your next visit. A voucher is printed on the receipt printer after the sale receipt. You need to be able to define the contents that will print on the receipt. This function allows you to maintain the vouchers.

Figure: Example Voucher Details Screen


A unique code assigned by the system to identify the voucher.


A description about the voucher.


This code will be printed on the voucher to identify the transaction. In future versions this will print as a barcode on the voucher and you will be able to scan the voucher to identify the required discount. By default, the value will be 'V' plus the Code as a 10 digit number.


This is the text that will actually print on the receipt and will be given to the user. The text should be for this voucher only. You can define a generic header (like a generic sale receipt header)  that will be printed at the start of every voucher. This is defined in the Voucher Hdr section on the Location tab of Tills.

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