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Back Office Orders

Sometimes you may need to take customer orders in the back office. In this case, the POS interface is not really the most efficient way to create the orders. This function provides a way to create orders in a screen which is consistent with other inventory screens.

Figure: Example Back Office Customer Order Screen

You need the following basic information.


The customer to which the order belongs.

Delivery/Pick Up Option

Indicates whether the order is to be delivered to the customer or will be picked up.

When the ‘Deliver to Customer’ option is selected then the facility exists to print an A4 delivery note when the operator elects to release the goods on payment. The printing is controlled by the settings in Tills Profile – Printing. There is a check box to indicate if a delivery report should be printed and the printer to be used can then be selected via a drop down box.

Note: The printers displayed will be ‘Default’ to indicate that the windows default printer at the POS site should be used and a list of the configured printers at the site where the till maintenance is being run at.

Deliver/Pick Up Location

If this order is a delivery, this is the location from where the items will be delivered. If the order is a pickup, this will be the location from where the items will be picked up.

Customer Delivery Address

The full address to which the items will be delivered. This will default to the customer's address.

Delivery Phone/Fax

The customer's phone/ fax numbers.

Delivery Date/Time

The date and time of delivery or pickup.

Delivery Comment

General comments about the delivery.


The current status of the back office order.


The user who created the order.

Created By

The date the order was created.

Authorised By

The user who authorised the acceptance of the order.

Default Payment

One of these two check boxes must be checked before the order can be accepted.

Add Customer Account Payment

If checked on, the order total is logged to the customers's MEMCR account.

Create Unpaid Order

If checked on, when the order is recalled at the POS tenders are accepted until the order is complete.

The Items tab allows you to enter the items being ordered.


The item number.


The item description. By default the system will use the current sell price. However, if you used the Customer Item Prices to set up special pricing, the system will use these prices.

Sell Price

The sell price being charged.


The number of units required.


The total value for the item.

Order Code

The order code of the item, if configured, is auto populated when the IPN is entered.

When the order is finished, press the Accept button. This will create a customer order, the same as if it had been done at POS and mark this transaction as accepted. The newly created POS customer order transaction can then be processed using the standard customer order and delivery reports.

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