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Return Authorisation - Basic

Goods receipts are used to record the delivery of stock and also the return to the supplier. To return stock, raise a PO return request and if the supplier accepts it, you can raise a goods receipt return authorisation and match this to the purchase order when you ship the goods back. The quantities received will be negative indicating you took the goods out of stock. When you get a credit from the supplier you enter this as an invoice.

Figure: Example Return Authorisation Screen


Enter the return request number then press the Arrow button. This will import the item details for that return and move the number to the right-hand side.


The supplier from which the goods were received. If you match a receipt to a purchase order return, this will be filled in automatically.


The location at which the goods were received. If you match a receipt to a purchase order return, this will be filled in automatically.

Returned Date

The date the goods were returned. This defaults to today's date.


The agent who helped to prepare the original order, if any. If an agent is added then as items are added to the goods receipt, the system will perform a check. If the item did not come from that agent, a warning message will be displayed. This will not stop the item from being used but simply warns the user that the item may not be correct.

If you import a purchase order which has an agent, that agent will become the agent for this goods receipt.

Supplier RA

This is the number of the supplier return authorisation. It is simply recorded as a reference. This is a mandatory field.

Expected Delivery Date

The date stock is expected to leave.

Delivery From Time

The time after which the stock is expected to leave.

Delivery To Time

The time before which the stock is expected to leave.

Freight Company

The company from which the stock was delivered.


The status of the current receipt. The system will update the status automatically as you create, and prepare the invoice. The status codes are:


Indicates a receipt has been created but not yet printed.


The goods receipt has been printed but not accepted.


The Accept button has been pressed and the receipt has been finalise. Details cannot be changed.


The user who created the receipt, and the date when the receipt was created. This is set automatically by the system.

Authorised By

The code of the user who authorised the purchase order when it was sent.


The type of goods receipt. RETURN indicates stock is being returned to supplier. The quantities will be negative.


A general comment about the receipt. This is simply used for your own notation. For example, 'goods looked like they had been knock around a bit'.

There are buttons at the top of the window to control the transaction. Special buttons include:

Press this to accept the goods receipt and update the stock levels.

Press this button to import items from. See Importing Data for further details.

Press this button to generate a ticket for each unit of stock.

Press this button to display the Available Items window which will show the items available to add to the order for the current supplier.

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