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Handheld Terminal Export

This function allows you to export all stock products from a location to the MICROS Visual Handheld software running on a handheld device. This is so product lookups can be carried out on the handheld as well as product validation when items are scanned.

Figure: Example HHT Export Screen


The location you wish to export the stock items out for.

New Store

If checked on, all items are loaded to the Handheld terminal.

HHT Export Options

Export to File Only

Data is exported to a CSV file.

Export to File and Upload

Data is exported to a CSV file and uploaded to the Handheld terminal connected on the selected comm port.

Comm Port

The comm port on the PC the Handheld terminal is connected to.


Initiates the download and export of the stock items for the given location.

The interface in POS BE used to communicate with the HHT has been updated in v5.17 but the HHT software MUST also be upgraded to 2.10.05 or above and a staticconfig.csv file loaded for it to take effect.

When you log in there is now a menu as opposed to always using the Stock Count option for all.

However, only one HHT operation can be performed at any one time – that is the HHT must be returned to the cradle and the data imported between each operation.

There is a work around which is to use the recovery process on the HHT to move the file back into the 'to be processed' folder. Then run the 2nd import.

Item carton size can be output if configured to do so in VHHT Export Type in System Settings. When a HHT export is performed, carton information will only be exported if ‘Load all items within the system to the handheld’ is NOT checked.

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