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Import Items

This function is simply used to create a batch of items that we want to be able to use in other areas. The items could be imported into a stocktake, imported into a batch of tickets or used as selection criteria on a report. You can create a batch manually but usually you would go to an inventory transaction and select Actions| Create Import from the menu. This will create a new batch with all the items in the inventory transaction. The same batches are created by the Merchant PDA process.

Figure: Example Import Items Screen


The location that these items come from.


The type of transaction where these items should get used from a choice of: Required Stock, Goods Receipt, Invoice Matching, Transfer Request, Transfer Send, Stocktake, Tickets, Reports.


A description about what this set of items will be used for.


These are the items in the import batch.


The number of the item.


A description of the item.

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