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Inventory Templates - Basic

This function is used to defined Inventory Templates. The Basic tab allows you to define the basic rules about how a template can be used.

Figure: Example Inventory Templates Screen

Template Type

The type of transaction for which this template can be used such as stocktake.

Location Code

The location code that can use this template. This can be a group, in which case all stores within the group will be able to use the template.


A short description about the template.

Stocktake Type

If this template is for a stocktake, this option indicates whether it should be a Store or Direct stocktake.


Check on if the template is considered active.

Day Selection

Indicates how the template should be used as part of end of day processing.

Days Of Week

The template is used for specific days of the week.

Day Of Month

The template is used a specific day of the month.


The template will be used manually.

If the intention is to use the template manually (not part of end of day), leave the option as Days Of Week and do not check on any days).

Days Of Week

If the Day Selection is Days Of Week, check on which days of the week the template can be used.

Day Of The Month

If the Day Selection is Day Of Month, enter the day of the month the template can be used.


Date the template was created.

Created By

The user who created the template.


A full description about the template, its usage, and so on.

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