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Consolidated Picking

The Consolidated Picking transaction is used to consolidate the data from several Transfer Send transactions into one transaction. This allows one picking slip to be printed and for the quantities of items to be updated in one screen. When the transaction is accepted, the original Transfer Send transactions will be updated.

Figure: Example Consolidated Picking Screen


The location that will pick the stock.

Add Transfers

Press this button to select the Transfer Sends that will be consolidated. The Consolidate Transfers window will be displayed to allow the user to select the required transactions. When these transactions have been selected, the details from the associated Transfer Send transactions will be added to the Consolidated Picking transaction. You can press the button multiple times to add different sets of transfers.


The status of the current transaction. The system will update the status automatically as you create, and prepare the transaction. The status codes are:


Indicates a Consolidated Picking transaction has been created but not yet printed.


The transfer request has been printed but not sent.


The Accept button has been pressed. Some stock has been picked but there is still more to be picked.


The Accept button has been pressed. All stock has been picked.


The user who created the transaction, and the date when the transaction was created. This is set automatically by the system.

Authorised By

The code of the user who authorised the transaction when it was accepted.


This button is pressed to print a variety of reports. It will display the Consolidated Pickings Reports window.

When the stock is picked and the quantities entered against each item, this button is pressed to show the stock was accepted.

The system will go through and look for all items with a status of Picked. The item on the original Transfer Send will be updated with the same quantity picked. The items' status will be changed to Accepted. Once all items are processed, the Consolidated Picking transaction will be updated with a status of either Picking or Accepted. Note, at this stage, the Transfer Send has simply had quantities updated. The transaction itself has not been accepted.

The system will display the Review Orders/ Transfers screen.

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