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Stock Adjustment

This function allows you to make Stock Adjustments to record events such as breakages and theft.

Figure: Example Stock Adjustment Screen


The location at which the stock adjustment is being made.


A comment about why the stock adjustment was done. This is not printed on the report, it is simply for information purposes only.


The status of the current adjustment. The system will update the status automatically as you create, and prepare the adjustment. The status codes are:


Indicates an adjustment has been created but not yet accepted.


The Stock Adjustment Report has been printed but the adjustment has not yet been accepted.


The Accept button has been pressed and the adjustment has been finalised. Details cannot be changed.


The user who created the stock adjustment, and the date when the adjustment was created. This is set automatically by the system.

Authorised By

The code of the user who authorised the transaction when it was accepted.

There are buttons at the top of the window to control the transaction. Special buttons include:

Press this button when the stock is transferred. This will alter the stock on hand at both locations.

Press this button to generate a ticket for each unit of stock.

Press this button to import items from another source such as a handheld or spreadsheet. See Importing Data for further details.

Adjustment Items

These are the items that will be adjusted as part of this transaction.

Adjustment Type

The reason for doing the stock adjustment. While performing a stock adjustment the last entered or amended record adjustment type is stored and displayed as default for new records to speed up the stock adjustment process.

See Stock Adjustment Reasons for details on how to set up these codes.


The number of the item being adjusted. If you don't know the number an Item Search can be made by clicking on the button. The system will check to see if the item has a 'Cannot Adjust Stock Before This Date' special date in Items. If there is a date defined for the location and the current date is before this date, the item will not be allowed to be added to the transaction.

Order Code

If you don't know the IPN of the item to adjust, you can enter the order code of the item.


The description of the item being modified. This is set by the system.


The number of units being adjusted. If this is entered, the Cartons will be calculated automatically. Whether the stock will be decreased or increased by this number will depend on the Adjustment Type selected. The overall effect will be displayed in Action.


The number of cartons being adjusted. If this is entered, the Units will be calculated automatically.

Carton Size

The number of units in a carton. This is set by the system.


The Unit of Measure of the item. This is set by the system and is used for reference purposes only.


The action shows what the effect on stock will be. It takes into account the Adjustment Type and the Units. When an Adjustment Type is set up, you can indicate whether its effect will be to decrease or increase stock. If its effect is to decrease stock and you enter Units of 1 then this message will show that stock will be decreased.


A general comment about this specific adjustment, for example why was the item broken?

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