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Stock Audit

This form is used to enquire on stock audit information maintained by the system for any stock transaction that has occurred. You need to enter the item number and location then press the Find button. The system will then retrieve the stock audit details.

Figure: Example Stock Audit Screen

The details are displayed in a series of tabs Stock, Average Cost, Last Invoice Cost, Ordered, Returns, Allocated, In Transit, Requested and Opening. The format of the data is similar for all tabs, although the exact content will of course depend on the tab selected.

An opening balance transaction shows the initial value. This was taken directly from the system so we know the audit is in sync with internal data. A list of transactions is then displayed. These are created by the system each time a stock transaction modifies internal data. The Date, Source and Ref # are shown for each transaction. The Source and Reference # can be used together to get more information on the transaction. For example, if the Source was 'Purchase Order' we could start the Purchase Order form and find the purchase order using the Ref#. At the bottom of the tab is a totals section consisting of:

If you double-click on one of the transaction lines on any of the tabs, the system shows the specific transaction by starting the appropriate program. For example, if you click on a Purchase Order line, the system will start the purchase order program and display the selected transaction. You must close the program before clicking on another similar transaction in Stock Audit otherwise you will be simply shown the last transaction again.

The Print and Preview buttons can be used to print the details for the currently displayed tab.

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