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Stocktake - PDA

This function allows you to perform a Direct Stocktake on a PDA. A 'Direct' stocktake is equivalent to a 'Store' stocktake but does NOT add items to a stocktake before counting starts. You manually add the items to the stocktake as you count the stock. This type of stocktake is useful when you want to spot check an area within a store.

Figure: Example Stocktake PDA Screen

Basic Tab


The location at which the stocktake is to be performed.

Stocktake Date

The date for which the stocktake is being performed. It is only used when the stocktake is accepted and shrinkage statistics are recorded.

New Item Tab

Figure: Example Stocktake PDA Screen


Barcode of the new item.



Items Tab

Figure: Example Stocktake PDA Screen


Our IPN for the product. If you don't know this number then you can move to the next field and enter the supplier's order code. If there is a variance between what we ordered and what we received, this column will be shown in red.


Number of items counted.


Our description for the item. This is automatically set by the system.

Order Code

The supplier's order number for the item. If you have already entered an IPN, you don't need to enter the order code.


The department this item belongs in.


The category this item belongs in.


The group this item belongs in.


The subgroup this item belongs in.


True when the user has entered a count.


Used to record details about why you think there is a variance in the stock count.

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