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Stock Template - Basic

DataEntryInventory StockTemplate

To use the Stock Template functionality the Allow stock template functionality check box must be enabled in the System Settings Inventory tab.

Stock templates allows you to load pre-defined item templates and to edit the quantities within the stocktake grid or purchase order. Search/select a store/warehouse to display the stock template review screen for that location. This will show all the current items that are available to that location.

To define which items appear in each stock area such as Counter, Kitchen, Fridge select the item flag against each stock area. Only those items that have been checked against the stock area will be displayed in the Details tab when the appropriate stock area has been selected.

Figure: Example Stock Template Screen

Buttons available at the top of the screen:


The location that the stock template information relates to. Only one store location can be viewed at a time.

Saves changes made to the stock template since the last time it was saved.


When selected, prompts the user ‘Do you wish to cancel the changes made?’ with a Yes/No option.

Yes - the user is taken back to the stock template, any changes made since the last save will be discarded.

No - the user is taken back to the stock template screen retaining the changes they have made but not committing those changes to the database.

Template Management Opens the Stock Areas screen to allow maintenance of stock areas for locations that are associated with the management areas the user ID is linked to.

The Basic tab displays all stock items that are available to that store location (department) in a grid. The items are ordered by Department, Category, Group, Sub Group and then by Description. Sort the contents of the grid by selecting any of the field headers. Selecting the header toggles the grid between ascending and descending order. Information displayed in the grid area:


Displays the description of the location code selected. This is an information field to confirm the correct location has been selected.

Go To

Used to search for a specific item and takes you to that line in the grid.


Item product number.


Supplier the item belongs to.

Order Code

Order code of the item.


Dept/Cat/Group/SubGroup linked to the item.


Description of the item.

Purchase Unit

Purchase UOM linked to the item on the item setup Basic tab.


Status of the item, this relates to the item’s supplier status in item setup (STRSTATUS in the RANGE table). There are 7 statuses available:

Available, Deleted, Indent, Obsolete, Pre Sell, Run Down, Superseded.

Where an item is available then no message is displayed in the status field.


Check box to indicate that the item is a key item for that location, these items will be highlighted in reports allowing the food service manager at site to easily identify them.

There is no limit to the number of items that can be highlighted as key items.

Stock Areas

A column is displayed for all the stock areas that have been created for that store location (department). Check on each stock area that the item exists in so that the item will be shown under each of the stock areas in the Details tab.

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