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Suggested Purchase Orders

This function is usually run as part of the overnight process but it can be run during the day if required. It will create purchase orders and transfer requests based on the actual and required stock levels. See Suggested Ordering for more information.

Figure: Example Suggested Purchase Orders Screen

Process Date

The date for which items are being ordered used to determine the correct day of the week which in turn is used to look up the order frequencies to get the lead days for that day. If you were running this process as part of the EOD, this parameter would be TODAY + 1 because the orders will be reviewed and sent the next day.


The location to generate suggested orders for. If this is a group, orders are raised for all specific stores within the group.



This is the standard option and will create transactions based on all the standard rules, for example suggestion method required for each item, actual stock levels vs required stock levels, and so on.

Same As Date

The system will look for all order transactions created on this date and create duplicates of them.

New Store

Creates an order for all products required at a site. It does not suggest any quantities, they have to be manually entered. It will simply work out which items are valid for the location.

Customer Order

Creates orders for all customer orders since the last time the process was run.

Create Orders/Transfers

If this option is checked off, the system generates only Required Stock transactions. One transaction is generated for each location. A Required Stock transaction shows the specific items that need to be ordered and the quantity required. These transactions can be reviewed at a later time. The purchase orders and transfer requests are generated when the Required Stock transaction is reviewed and accepted.

If the option is checked on, the system still generates the Required Stock transactions but it also generates the purchase orders and transfers immediately.

Set Actual Qty To Suggested Qty

When a Required Stock transaction is generated, the system records two numbers for each item - the suggested quantity to order and the actual quantity to order. You can review the Required Stock transaction and change the actual quantity. If this option is checked on, the actual quantity is set to the same value as the suggested quantity. If the option is checked off, the actual quantity is set to zero and the user needs to manually set it.


Only items in the selected department, category, group and subgroup will be examined.

Family Group

Only items in the selected family group will be examined.


Only items in the selected classification will be examined.

Order Category

Only items in the selected order category will be examined.


Only items in the selected supplier will be examined.

Item Number

Only items with this item number will be examined.


Only items of this variety will be examined.


Only items of this size will be examined.


Only items with this fit will be examined.


Only items of this brand will be examined.

Agent Selection

Controls how items will be selected with regard to the agent they are assigned to, if any.

All Items

Items will be processed regardless of whether they have an agent or not.

Agent Items Only

Only items that have an agent code will be processed.


Only items without an agent code will be processed.

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